At Donna Tongue ~ PERFORMER’S STUDIO™ in Londonderry, NH, my goal is to help you succeed with your musical goals.  Lessons in various disciplines are offered: Vocal, Violin, Viola, Piano, music theory, and sightsinging.   I offer an initial consultation which has a three-fold purpose: to give us a chance to meet and see if it is a good fit, to assess a student’s current ability, and to determine a direction for progress; this is offered free of charge.

Come and join with me to discover how you can develop and demonstrate progress with tactile and auditory learning at any age ~ it’s never too early or too late to start your musical explorations!



Lessons are offered year round, and are scheduled on a weekly basis.  During the Summer months from June through August, lessons are offered on a flexible schedule designed for vacation and family time.
Open Monday through Friday, teaching hours extend from 12:00 noon to 8:00PM.

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Gabrielle White (3rd from right) winning 1st place at GSNATS October 2016.

Course offerings


Vocal lessons for ages 5-8:  Experiential classes are offered for those youngsters who just can’t wait to start singing lessons!  Physical coordination activities, ear training and rhythmic development, along with sight-singing and repertoire development, are all explored through musical activities and age-appropriate songs.

Please see our FAQ’s page for answers to questions about voice.

Ages 9 to Adult – Any Experience Level:  Discover how to gain control of your voice:  improve pitch, breathing, and vowel shaping which will optimize your sound.  Learn how to use your body’s natural resonating chambers in any style of singing.  Working with the various techniques of singing, from classical to musical theatre belt to rock, we will unfold a course of study designed for your individual needs as a singer/performer.  With my refined teaching techniques from nearly 30 years of working with singers of all ages, you will acheive more freedom throughout your whole vocal range, and learn to develop every aspect of your singing.  Training includes coaching, drama, diction, foreign language pronunciation, musicianship, music theory and sight-singing skills.

Beginner to Advanced Violin and Viola

Offered ages 5 and up:  Technique, note-reading, and musicality skills are developed.  We use a variety of materials ranging from method books (such as All for Strings, and based on the student’s developmental needs), to the classical repertoire developed and compiled by Shinichi Suzuki and well-known composers such as Bach, Mozart, and Telemann.  Supplemental scale and technique books, seasonal music, and literature from other sources, including Disney, blues, and jazz are also explored, and based on student interest.

Beginner to Advanced Piano

Offered ages 5 and up:  Methods utilized for technique building, note-reading, and musicality include Thompson, Alfred, Cool Songs For Kids, A Dozen A Day, Hanon, and more.  The use of a variety of literature from Bach and Mozart to Rachmaninoff and Chopin, to Disney, Pop/Rock and Jazz, is designed to provide experiences in exploring the widest array of experience in discovering the joys of creating music.  Supplemental technique books, literature from various genres, and seasonal music is also explored, and based on student interest.

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